Saturday, 3 May 2014

Demerara Sugar

Demerara Sugar

Demerara (pronounced Dem-err-rar-ra) sugar is a rare and exotic with medium fine grains, a golden colour and an characteristic flavour. With its rich golden colour and subtle molasses flavour, Sugarindia’s Demerara brings out the enhances the overall experience of your tea/ coffee. From the moment you open this pack, you will experience the irresistible aroma of Sugarindia’s Demerara sugar. The fine syrup coating on the crystal, together with its coarseness also gives a good colour to the crust of baking. The product serves both to add flavour and to decorate. It often finds application in desserts, baked goods, dressings, ice cream and dips and also helps create tempting delicacies like crème caramel, caramelized fruit or grilled tomatoes.

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  1. Complete cheating I ordered 5 bars of gur for 1000 one month back. Nothing received. I will be adding this in socialmecia